3 easy ways to help you study Japanese!






3 easy ways to help you study Japanese!


Tell me how!

Tell me how!

Learning a language isn't easy and Japanese is renown for being difficult! Many people get stuck at the hurdle of just studying books endlessly, but in reality that's not how language acquisition works! 

Here's 3 methods you should try to help improve your language learning:

Tip 1 - Immersion

Many think studying has to be boring, but that's not the case at all! Immerse yourself in the Japanese language by watching Japanese TV and listening to things like radio and music and even reading too! Japanese learning resources are aimed at learners and not natives so they cater towards being easier to pick up and understand. Listening to Japanese radio and TV shows will give you an idea of how real people speak, you'll even pick up colloquial words and phrases that aren't written in your textbooks! 

Tip 2 - Practice!

Learnt something new this week? Put it in to practice before you forget! Make it your goal to use the grammar or vocabulary you've learnt in at least x amount of sentences and conversations that week! If you don't have friends to practice with there are dozens of free language exchange apps you can use to practice your Japanese and make friends!

Tip 3 - Review

You should constantly be going over and reviewing old material! If you only use something once then of course you're going to forget it. That doesn't mean you should just sit down and copy lines over and over. Use the previous tip to practice and review old material too! 

If you do these 3 things, you'll master the language in no time! 

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